Marble Statues ⏃ Captain America [4]

Marble Statues ⏃ Captain America [4]

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❝ the more the marble wastes, 
the more the statue grows ❞

Christina Sitma was never a person someone would consider a hero, that's what everyone knows for sure. She had more blood on her hands than anyone, and she was no stranger to war. It had followed her for as long as she could remember, like a rabid dog snapping at her heels. It was the same war that gave her the confidence to be taken into S.H.I.E.L.D. to be trained as an agent.

	For many years, Christina had a hunger for the fight. It burned a hole inside her; it was vast and it spread like wild-fire through her chest.

	She had grown to detest this hunger for what it had turned her into. When she looked in the mirror, she could hardly recognize her own reflection. Her eyes had turned from purple to green and the scars upon her body reminded her everyday of what HYDRA was capable of. The powers that were purling through her veins seemed more like a curse than a blessing. After capture in Nazi Germany, it started to take control of her when she got angry; energy blasting out like a bomb.

	Christina was angry and afraid and she had everything to lose. With a bloodstained sword in hand, she was far more dangerous than a thousand armies. She was a weapon with a heart that pulsed to the beating drum of war.

[ book 4 of the precious serpent series ]
[ mcu | age of ultron & civil war ]
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