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Stuff Only Potterheads Will Get

Stuff Only Potterheads Will Get

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Luna Lovegood By LookOutForNargles Updated May 18

Potterhead-  a term used to describe Harry Potter Fans, by Harry Potter Fans

    (I don't own these characters)
  Copyright Information:
  The Harry Potter series belongs to J. K. Rowling
  About half of these things I found with various different resources
  The background picture I used for the cover was not made by me.

THIS IS ME.  I have to hold it back (unfortunately) because I'm known to obsess over things to my little brother and make him so sick of it, he hates it.  I do NOT want him to hate the most beautiful thing in the world: Harry Potter.  🤗
I doodle it in my notes at school in little hidden places.  No one notices and I kinda like it being my little secret 😊
It's 'happiness can be found,even in the darkest of times if one only remembers to turn on the light' it is not hope!!!! 
                              I'm not trolling I'm just very nit picky~ 
Once i wore a quidditch themed t-shirt to a party with my hp hat
When my teacher asked us this, i answered the "it's leviOsa!"
Did it a lot of times. What happens to the stick?? It either,
                              Gets lost,
                              Brakes when i try a good spell,
                              Decomposes, and...
                              I don't know what happened to my last wand :)