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Stuff Only Potterheads Will Get

Stuff Only Potterheads Will Get

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Luna Lovegood By LookOutForNargles Updated Feb 16

Potterhead-  a term used to describe Harry Potter Fans, by Harry Potter Fans

    (I don't own these characters)
  Copyright Information:
  The Harry Potter series belongs to J. K. Rowling
  About half of these things I found with various different resources
  The background picture I used for the cover was not made by me.

BinuK22 BinuK22 a day ago
this is so me! i do this like every day when i hear harry potter
For everyone who had to read the description to know what a Potterhead was, GTFO!!!!!
That happens every time I wear my harry potter shirt with the Hallows in the middle
I have a time-turner, deathly hallows necklace, ravenclaw shirt, 6 pairs of HP earrings,  a glasses and scar necklace, 2 luna necklaces, and .a ravenclaw diadem necklace
BinuK22 BinuK22 a day ago
an i the only potterhead who draws the deathly hallows sign on their arm? and the only AMRY who writes "bangtan sonyeondan" on their arm in korean? i'm so weird, lol.
BinuK22 BinuK22 a day ago
"When I'm 80 years old, and sitting in my rocking chair reading Harry Potter, my family will say to me, 'After all this time,' and I will say 'Always.'