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Your Biggest Mistake// A KomaHina FanFiction

Your Biggest Mistake// A KomaHina FanFiction

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not active :/ By SenpaiMai Completed

Warning! Yaoi (boyxboy)
Don't like, don't read!
First time writing fanfic! Hope you enjoy!! ^^

Hajime and his friends haven't seen each other in a year, and now they all get a chance to go on a trip to an island with each other. Hajime was excited for this trip, until he sees Nagito Komaeda. No one thought Komaeda would show up, and Hajime ends up spending some time with Nagito. Will Hajime be able to enjoy his vacation with his friends or will Nagito ruin it all?

Now now Hajime
                              Just because he is pretty much very gayer than you are
                              Doesn't mean you gonna regret going onto this vacation--
- - Feb 01, 2016
This seems like a very decent *OPENING. You should really update this. *cough* *cough*
levixeren42 levixeren42 Aug 11, 2016
Aww come on hinata it would be a blessing to sit next to komaeda
PyrocynicalVEVO PyrocynicalVEVO Mar 28, 2016
Ok Hinata,just this once I'm going to ignore your wild tsundere antics and say that You were worried that you didn't bring enough lube... Just this once
SynderScheisse SynderScheisse Aug 01, 2016
In cannon, Hajime actually admits he has a bond with Nagito and that he is interested in his past, life, etc.
PyrocynicalVEVO PyrocynicalVEVO Mar 28, 2016
...because you didn't want to have a boner all the way to the island Orr??!