Teacher Be Mine GxG (teacher student)

Teacher Be Mine GxG (teacher student)

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Veronica By sammielover1 Completed

Veronica's POV. 

I was sitting in my home room with my friends on the first day of school. We were discussing what we thought our new history teacher would look like. She was also going to be our home room teacher. 

I should probably introduce us, huh? Well,my name is Veronica Renee Chambers.   I am 16 years old- as are my friends. I have black hair and dark brown eyes. I like to say they're black because you can't tell they are brown u less you have a light shined in them.  I like to chill with my buds, listening to music- who doesn't- and sing. Oh and I'm a lesbian.

My BFF- scratch that. We're more like sisters. Samantha aka Sammie Rose Freeman is a brunette with light blue eyes. Her mother is a single mother just like mine. We think our mothers have a thing for each other. But her father cheated on her mother so she kicked him out. 

Next are my friends and Sammie's girlfriend. Justine and Justin. They're twins. They both have blonde hair. Justin's hair is a shade darker though. ...

prettylittleliars259 prettylittleliars259 Jul 15, 2017
                              1 HOUR LATER
                              TROI TROI TROI TROI TROI 
calm_your_tits calm_your_tits Aug 27, 2017
Second time reading because I can't remember if I finished it last time
philussyhowell philussyhowell Oct 22, 2017
Mine are green but when I'm sad they turn a bright blue. (So always blue)
Woman-Of-Troy Woman-Of-Troy Nov 15, 2017
Lol. Just started reading this and the cover is Troian Bellisario (the brunette)
Bookqueen282 Bookqueen282 Aug 14, 2017
My last name is chambers and my eyes are so dark brown they look black
ThisDigitalEscape ThisDigitalEscape Jul 22, 2017
OH IF THIS ISN'T ME! "Hi, My name is Angel. I love Panic! At the Disco, and oh yeah. I'm a lesbian!