Striking Back {Luke Skywalker | Book Two | ON HOLD}

Striking Back {Luke Skywalker | Book Two | ON HOLD}

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Emma Stark By MarvelTime-Lady Updated Aug 17, 2016

{Book Two of the A New Destiny series} 

It's been three years since the Death Star was destroyed, and three years since Sky and her powers became one. She's been learning non-stop on how to control her powers and what she can do with them. With the help of her boyfriend; Luke and her brother Han, Sky is nearly in full control. But how long is it until Vader finds her and uses her against her family? 

{Set in Empire Strikes Back}

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cutepaws18 cutepaws18 Apr 09
Sad thing is, when he went it take off his mask I was hoping he was cute, I couldn't say it out loud though because I was in the middle of my brothers, as soon as he took off his mask I was disappointed 😔
Music_of-the_Night Music_of-the_Night Dec 28, 2016
No their kid will turn to the dark side and then k!ll your brother
narhdijia narhdijia Oct 12, 2016
Ok she didn't phew 😪 thought she might go for C3PO cause she can't kiss Luke 😂
strawbrrytea strawbrrytea Jun 26, 2016
Oh yeah, they'll have an emo son who kills his father and fantasies about an  dead guy with asthma.
narhdijia narhdijia Oct 12, 2016
If he's been working hard, you don't want him to be working hard again...... if you get what I mean 😏😏😏😏
_Allison-Lissa_ _Allison-Lissa_ Dec 29, 2016
In Germany "Sky Skywalker" would probably mean: Himmel (for Sky) Himmelwanderer (for Skywalker)