My Alpha (BoyxBoy)

My Alpha (BoyxBoy)

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RaeRae By InfiniteCyan Updated Oct 26

*Book one of the Shadow Hill series*

Jasper Monroe has a good life with very little to complain about. It is stable and structured which he loves, so he isn't too happy when things come to light that knock the stability. 

Ryder Evans lives a normal life also but with a little twist of him being a werewolf and the future Alpha of his pack. The two boys lead very different lives but they soon become one when the werewolf finds the human to be his mate and the Luna of Shadow Hill. 

There is a threat looming over the pack leader's heads though that goes by the name of Miles, a crazed werewolf seeking revenge for an event that took place years prior. Will the boys be able to conquer the threat, or will they succumb to it?

**This is a complete rewrite of the previous version of this book which has been deleted. Any questions please ask**

I feel like my life is a lie 
                               I loved the old version of this story, but i like this one too 
                              It is hell in my brain
Wow that's dum at least if your "uncool" you can get into a collage
Idk why you changed this, but the old version was amazing. Nothing could compare
_MacnCheese _MacnCheese Apr 11
wow 0-0 where i study, if you know the answer, you are cool..
MissBonnett MissBonnett Oct 14
I LOVE Jasper. He's smart and funny and I can tell he's just too sweet. I'm really looking forward to reading more! I like your writing style ~