That Girl (Lapidot)

That Girl (Lapidot)

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DEPRESSED FAGBAG By SinfulTin Updated May 05

"You say love is overrated, i say it's complicated."

(Aka: "OH NO SHE'S HOT.")

Warning: eating disorders, other disorders, depression, angst, sad Lapis, chance of possible NSFW in later chapters, More angst but also fluff

Don't let all this negative stuff steer you away from reading though! It gets better

AbstractTopHat AbstractTopHat Nov 04, 2016
Hmmm... I'm currently developing a Lapidot human AU, is it okay if I borrow a few ideas and concepts from your story? I know that it's sorta redundant to ask because many Lapidot Fanfics are alike but I still think it's polite to ask when you get an idea from someone else's work.
Squishy-loves-u Squishy-loves-u Jun 09, 2016
this is the first lapidot I've read where Jasper wasn't the bully. well, for now I'm guessing haha
AbstractTopHat AbstractTopHat Nov 04, 2016
I just bought this song just to listen to it while reading this on my phone. Thanks for reintroducing me to All Time Low, I forgot how good they were and I've been listening to a bunch of covers without even realizing that the originals were by them.
What-are-feelings What-are-feelings Jun 16, 2016
                              You are so lucky 
                              I don't have any friends that watch the shows or are in any of the fandoms I'm in D:
Squishy-loves-u Squishy-loves-u Jun 09, 2016
omigod I love her name its so pretty. I follow someone on Instagram named Yasmine