Married To Mr. Malhotra

Married To Mr. Malhotra

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ARRANGED MARRIAGE. A word they both dread. However, fate doesn't favor them.

Manik Malhotra weds Nandini Murthy.

A lie, turns into truth and twists their lives entirely. Two opposites, married partly upon compulsion, fight their differences. Except for when their parents are around, when they behave like a happy, lovey-dovey couple.

Will destiny come to terms with them? Will there be problems in their relationship or will they fight them together? Happy Ending?

Married to Mr. Malhotra
A Rom-Com Drama 

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Aniwura Aniwura Mar 14
Who also tried to read the Hindi part out loud 😂. I know from Bollywood movies that 'Bhai'  means 'brother'
Ritti123 Ritti123 Apr 10, 2016
I love this cause it lets me know how my arranged marriage will be like when I grow up😑
                              My parents I tell you...
sugarie_pie sugarie_pie Aug 26, 2016
i love manik urff parth !!!!! and srry for so many comments on this page.....  god i can't wait to read this.....
saranyathanikachalam saranyathanikachalam Nov 29, 2016
Write the content   fully in English .......its difficult to understand when you use some other language
ridhiaro ridhiaro Feb 22
Parents don't force their children into marriage at 21. Also, if he's still in college, how does he have a "stable" career?
anilover4life anilover4life Oct 12, 2016
I read the language and translate them on my own 😂😂😂 what language is this??