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CreepyPastas X Reader (#Wattys2016)

CreepyPastas X Reader (#Wattys2016)

70.2K Reads 2.3K Votes 53 Part Story
JTK's Daughter By sabrina_be_rockin Completed

Hello my name is (F/N),(L/N) and im 7 years old, im an orphan right now because i killed my parents but i know im goin to get adopted. People dont know that my dad (before i killed him) gave me a black cat bookbag and that bookbag can come alive if you dont belive me then just read to see.

Creepypasta- Jeff the killer, slender man, sally, Jane The Killer, Ticci Tody, Ben Drowned, Eyeless Jack and Laughing jack, and a special guest

Midnight:well I killed my parents and my backpack talks and I'm a killer
                              Jeff:I WILL TAKE THIS KID
                              Lady:ok sir
Sooooooo Lj became a cannibal huh?? Actually I am not surprised I always knew he would end up like this.
JennifersFayygo JennifersFayygo Dec 27, 2016
And I thought to myself, that I thought that LJ eats candy not kidneys (if you get the first five word reference, your my friend that I don't know of 😂😍😎😜)
*shivers at his touch* S-sorry I'm not used to people touching me check Jeffs neck I scratched him
Not gonna lie I use my oc and the cover and description is pretty adorable 
                              (Not all if you think i think murder is adorable think again)
This bag reminds me of cake from adventure Time for some reason XD (I want ittt)