AOT Boys x Reader

AOT Boys x Reader

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Kate :3 By KaitlinAnnetteDavis Updated May 06

[possibly on hold for a while]

"...A...lex..." Your eyes widened in disbelief as you looked at the titan, knowing you were not the one who talked.


The only characters I own are my OCs! I don't have a title yet, but I'll change it once I get an idea. I also don't know everything about AOT/SNK, so please bare with me!

And if you have any ideas, please feel free to tell me!

Boys that like you:

Eren Jeager
Armin Arlert
Connie Springer
Levi Ackerman
Jean Kirstein

What happens when a certain group of boys have their eyes set on you~?

- Kate ⭐️

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I'm drooling lmao
                              CHOCOLATE haired and CARAMEL eyed girl
                              IMMA TURN INTO A GHOUL OR TITAN IMMA EAT THIS GIRL
kiceyoo kiceyoo Aug 11
So I read this as "Erin, or Jeager"  so in my mind I was like, "why not just both?" But I now realize that was not the question and that something is wrong with me.
That's remembering me when my big bro and me were late for our schools XD
Actually, just Bertholt and Reiner. Because every shy guy needs a cocky best friend.
http_past3ll http_past3ll Dec 14, 2016
I usually stuff food in my pocket or bra when I'm at school 😂
Kaylee45614 Kaylee45614 Dec 19, 2016
It's JAEGER and you just said the top 4 of my favorite characters! 1rst goes to Armin then Sasha then Levi and last but definitely not least Connie.☺