Oops, You're Mine (Bad Boy! Neko x Shy Reader)

Oops, You're Mine (Bad Boy! Neko x Shy Reader)

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Insane Silence By NightimeSilence Updated Jul 04

On your way home, you find a small stray kitten. You take him in only to find he's actually a neko who turns into a regular kitten on the night of a full moon.

What will happen when he starts messing with your everyday life? You're slowly starting to fall for him, and to him he thinks it a joke!

Oh, boy. If only you would've never helped that poor kitten out. Then you wouldn't have nekos rubbing against you asking for more cheese... What a disaster.

  • badboy
  • crush
  • evil
  • jealousy
  • neko
  • nekoboy
  • nekogirl
  • senpai
  • shy
  • suspense
  • vampire
  • xreader
MeganRonsky MeganRonsky Sep 09
I have 2 cats 
                              Chevy and ally
                              1 dog
                              2 fish
                              3 horses
                              1 long haired hamster 
                              3 rats 
                              And 1 snail
The only pet I had was a gold fish and it died in 16 hours....then again I used to take it out of the water and see it struggle...I was a weird kid
poppyppop poppyppop Nov 05
My favorite food is crab, lobster, shrimp, muscels, and only fried fish with hot sauce so sure I love seafood unlike most people above
XxNicholeOnlyxX XxNicholeOnlyxX 6 days ago
I have 2 horses .... my favorite is Snow because she has White skin..
Cat_Squid Cat_Squid Oct 26, 2016
*reads first line* Oh thank God they actually write good....
OnlyAForgottenMemory OnlyAForgottenMemory Dec 06, 2016
I have a cat named Jasper... I hate him.. he always lazy and when you're tired he'd scratch your feet.. or poop on the carpet for your attention... I want to throw him away.. >:(