Scares | Smile Dog x Reader

Scares | Smile Dog x Reader

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xReaderFactory By xReaderFactory Updated Oct 16, 2016

Smile got enough of sleeping in the unforgiving coldness of the winter, and decided to stay with the mortal. Temporarily, of course. Oh, if he would have known how troublesome everything would be, he probably would have decided against it.

Key Word: Probably.

There is one more problem. Smile loves to scare the mortal, more than thinking about his past and future victims.

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At least you dont stop halfway through the chapter and decide you don't wanna write the book anymore.
O.m.g..... *fangirls intensly and meter for fangirling explodes*
I miss my baby Kain the husky even though he has ginger and brown on his head and back he's  someone that comforts  me and I comfort him but he takes his dealings out on my hand by biting it rlly hard but it tickles
AviMali AviMali Nov 15, 2016
I have the text on white on black and this picture looks amazing on black.
Ummm I wish I knew that sooner not to just walk up to something dangerous
Foxygirl01 Foxygirl01 Aug 17, 2016
In book: picks up dog it's all good
                              In real life: dog be like PANIC RUN AHHHH