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فاطمة By Dar-Us_Salaam Completed

Divorce. That is the one thing Amara never expected when she got married to Umar. Obviously who would? Amara believed that her life would be everything like how she found it in fairy tales. But only obviously did she not know that in the end they were only just tales and different to reality. One spark at the moment of anger. One slip of the tongue. One heated argument to show that she's the winner, leads to her loss in real life. When all it took was just one event of her life to turn it all upside down, how is she expected to have expectations of the future? 

Will Umar leave her? For almost the one year they have been married for, he enjoyed his time with her, but will he just go ahead and let it all go? He believed that she was the best the day they got married. He loved her equally or much more than how much she loved him. Will he take her back as his wife for the efforts she makes to be in his good graces again? Or does he believe it's all an act to just let him reclaim her? Umar faces a fight between his mind and his heart, conflicted with what he's supposed to do. But is he too late to set his mind and heart on the right track again?

What will become of the two of them? Will they go their separate paths? Or does fate have other plans? 

This is not an everyday story you would find here on wattpad. Hope you guys enjoy reading this:) 

[Started on 09/Jan/2016]
[Ended on 07/Aug/2017]

AstonishedSky AstonishedSky Aug 07, 2016
Noo this is breaking my heart. I really wanna know what happened to cause this
Ownatic13 Ownatic13 Feb 01, 2016
i dont know what she did but it must be HUGE. she seems like the impulsive kind, quite relating for me xD so i think she didnt mean what she did at ALLLLLLL GREAT STARTING I LOVE IT HAHA
Hijabi-Soldier Hijabi-Soldier Jan 11, 2016
Ya Allah! What could she have done that was so horrible? 
                              Bur beautiful beginning! Definitely not what you see everyday on wattpad which is AMAZING! MashaAllah.