Allison and Stiles back to back.

Allison and Stiles back to back.

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TeenWolfStilesOBrien By TeenWolfStilesOBrien Updated Aug 14, 2016

After the death of Allison Argent in season 3 of TeenWolf, she comes back to life. 
Returning to Beacon Hills, she stays on the down low so people don't notice her.
But she's not just an Argent anymore...
She's now a were wolf, or is she?

She's been spying on her old pack, so much has changed... Isaac and Derek are gone, Stiles and Scott are no longer best friends and there are new people like Malia and Thèo.

As confused as she is, she also notices Stiles.. And Stiles isn't his normal self. She finds him and together they bring everyone back and help save beacon hills...

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