The Lockwood's Daughter

The Lockwood's Daughter

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TheOriginalVampire By TheOriginalVampire Updated Feb 18, 2014

Leah Lockwood, the only family member left alive, the only daughter, the last of their werewolf bloodline. The last 3 years, she lived in Florida with her pack, enjoying her free life and taming her wolf side every full moon. When she hears that the mayor Carol Lockwood is dead... she returns to Mystic Falls. Only to discovers her brother is a hybrid and the murder of her family is no other than ,the original hybrid, Klaus Mikaelson.

She helps her brother ,Tyler Lockwood, through the tough battle with Klaus Mikaelson but how long can she stay strong with everybody hate towards her past. Everyone hates Leah for her past doing all but...Klaus.

How long will she fight against Klaus' charm towards her? Can she fight the pain every full moon of transformation of a werewolf? And what about her long crush on the busboy, Matt?

Nothing will go quiet easy for Leah Lockwood.

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