☆ Living Past ☆ (Raura)

☆ Living Past ☆ (Raura)

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I'm not afraid By OriginalityRules Updated Jun 14, 2016

• Book 2 of The 'Living' Series •


The past is a beautiful, painful scar. He carries it deep within his soul and can't let go. He wants it back but is thinking about the time before really worth of ruining the time ahead? 

You know how they say. Breathe out the past, breathe in the future.

Can he? Especially now that she can't even help him. 

It's a story about boy's life that forcefully turned into a shell of broken past, into death. Living death. 


Attention:I don't like to be putting legal age for reading because who am I to tell if you're mature enough or not? Only you know if you want to do this. I just want to tell you that there's really descriptive sex scenes so.. Enjoy, my dirty friends 


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