The Rise from Our Falls | A Linstead Fan Fiction

The Rise from Our Falls | A Linstead Fan Fiction

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"I lost something that had both of us wrapped up in it Jay." 

"Erin it's not your fault stop blaming yourself, and please for the love of god get down from the balcony. I am not loosing the one that I love. Your stronger than this."

"I feel too much pain babe, I just can't."

"NO. No Erin please, I love you too much to loose you. Please, do it for me. If not for me than, do it for her." I shakily say while using all of my strength to look up towards the heavenly clouds.

She cries even more.

"I-I, I just can't, I'm sorry. I love you."



What happens when you've got right back on your saddle with your relationship, but then it suddenly takes a turn in the worst way possible? 

Throughout this book you will learn and discover things about the couple that are untold. So, will Jay and Erin make it, or will they crumble in their defeats?...


WARNING: Please do not steal my work nor creation of this book. Chicago PD & all of the characters belong to Dick Wolf and the NBC network.

Lol. 🎶🎶its gettin hot in here, so take off all your clothes.🎶🎶
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This is so good already! Can't wait for more❤️thanks for all the votes on my story