The Bruised Mate | English Version | Slow Update's

The Bruised Mate | English Version | Slow Update's

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Lerissa B. By the-Duowriters Updated Jun 09, 2016

He is dangerous, feared. Anything but gentle. He doesn't know love nor affection. He's also not going to change. In this way he is strong, and strong is what you need to be as a leader.

She is damaged, insecure. With a heart of gold, she tries to help everyone, something at the expense of herself. For years bullied, abhorred by the Pack, just because she's half human. She is looking for her other half, the person who would save her. 

So what happens if the innocent Melody meets the heartless Puck?


Nova and Alpha Jacob are now two years together, but running against numbers of relationship problems. Nova wants to go to college and explore the world, but Jacob has a pack to take care of and has the pressure with that he should have a successor.

Also Alpha Sean and Alpha Jeffrey are showing suspicious activities, something that worries the other Packs.

Sequel to His Human Mate. 
©the-Duowriters // ©LerissaB

Cover made by: @AndreaDarna
Translated by: @ElusiveShadow

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Mia_670 Mia_670 Sep 03, 2016
I love it already,it's well spaced and well planned!! 🌺😊
ImNotABitcch ImNotABitcch Nov 12, 2016
Honey just because your ugly doesn't mean you should take it out on someone that's prettier than you
XxMoon-LightxX XxMoon-LightxX Feb 14, 2016
She doesn't have the book up  and I really want to continue  reading this
VioletVivacity VioletVivacity Feb 02, 2016
I don't understand what this has to do with he first book..?