Epiphany | Colin Kaepernick

Epiphany | Colin Kaepernick

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Naya By nayas_stories Updated Nov 18

E·piph·a·ny - a moment of sudden revelation. 

That is exactly what Colin Kaepernick experiences at an unexpected time, but it's up to him to consider that a miracle or simply an obstacle. Clearly, the only thing that held importance to him was the sport of football. His routine was the same, and any changes to that routine often placed him out of his comfort zone. The one time he took a step out of his comfort zone led him to Navleen.

Navleen, meaning "a new fascination." Most people that have seen her would agree. They are not fascinated just by her physical beauty, but her elegance. The elegance in the way she carries herself, the elegance in the way she speaks, the way she treats everyone, and in the way she cares and loves. 

Stepping out of your comfort zone once doesn't mean that you will ever get used to it. Which is what leads to the relationship which Colin and Navleen once shared for a short amount of time.

@Haleshayley It seems like something is about to happen. 😅
All he gotta do is come see me I'll give him several children
Haleshayley Haleshayley Aug 11
The way she is so independent at such a young age she reminds me of how Matilda took care of herself. Love that movie.
Haleshayley Haleshayley Aug 11
Uhh ohh mama Kap is fishing something out, Colin she knows, she knows.
aliyah318 aliyah318 Jan 23
The no pressure speech always cracks me up for some reason lol
Loving this story so far!!! Can't wait to know what Colin is gonna do next