Ramblings of a Muffinato

Ramblings of a Muffinato

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kai By tragicaly Updated Feb 06

❝ why did god create me as hot as a potato? wHY?❞

❝ why is wattpad so full of clichés? wHY? ❞

❝ why am i so cool that freaking antarctica is catching a cold? wHY? ❞

❝ why is francisco lachowski the only bad boy on wattpad? wHY? ❞

❝ why am I asking too many whys? wHY? ❞

Just ramblings of a couch potato who is the ruler of muffins. 

Rants? Maybe. 

Too free to write down these stuff? Maybe.

Bored with life? Maybe.

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Cover credit: Yours truly

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Don't just forget the fact that  the first ever detention the girls gets is because of the bad boy. The teacher always sleeps, they sneak away to a majestic place
Book_Lost Book_Lost Oct 19, 2016
Is it bad to say that I like stories like this?? Not full on. But once in a while I like to have it.
dummiee dummiee Nov 18, 2016
Aiyoo!!! Really awesome chapter and full of fact.lol,rofl,lmao can't describe how I'm feeling right now(17_11_16@19.12)
AkankshaSharma3 AkankshaSharma3 Nov 04, 2016
The bad boys ex is a cheerleader who has visited every guys lala forest
_capriciously_ _capriciously_ Oct 16, 2016
Tbrh(r for really), Whenever I see 'Bad Boy' on d cover, I just swipe right away xD
                              I don't know if I am judgmental or weird, but I really have developed some kinda allergy against...well, bad boys who aren't really bad in the end!xD
AzuraScarlet AzuraScarlet Nov 29, 2016
785! It was 785 not 758. The other 27 died when the bad boy beat them up for misbehaving with the good girl.