Flavor of the Weak (under construction)

Flavor of the Weak (under construction)

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Skylar By emotionation Updated Nov 20, 2012

From the time she was a little girl Susanna Ramsay had a hard time making friends. Destin was her first crush and remained that way until the day he ganged up with the mean girl in school and went too far in a bullying incident.

Ashamed of the way she'd been treated, Susanna convinced her family to take a huge job offer all the way in California. Years later, the opportunity to return to Gainesville, FL pops up and she manages to find herself walking among the same hallways that haunt her past.

Except this time, she's not Susanna. She's Suzie and she's back for revenge. 

The tables have turned and this time Destin is going to be her Flavor of the Weak.

Lady_of_Erudite Lady_of_Erudite May 17, 2015
How does the grade system work I don't get it, like what year are they at school
Bored_Rocky Bored_Rocky Mar 03, 2015
stupid boys crushing a girls self asteam and shes only in 2nd grade
mariahhtheunicorn mariahhtheunicorn Jan 29, 2015
this chapter is actually called the prologue and not the epilogue
GirlieGirl306 GirlieGirl306 Jan 24, 2015
BTW it's not an epilogue (that's for the end. Like the ending after the ending…if that makes any sense.) You mean Prologue, that's the intro, like leading up, explaining why the story is the way it is. I'm excited to read this book anyway. Just thought I'd give you a heads up. :)))))))
Britneymurley Britneymurley Sep 21, 2014
Awwww that's so sad how old is she? Tawnie's a normal stuck up bitch!
                              Shes just jelly sweetie
OriginalLove OriginalLove May 25, 2013
Your description drew me in, dear lord, this sounds like such a great read, looking forward to reading more!:)