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Moni Wonders By moni_wonderland Completed

Polaris is a sixteen year old adopted teenager, but his parents aren't the sweet and loving kind of parents that would bake cookies and play a game of catch. His parents are scientists who love to experiment on their son. Due to the hundreds of experiments, Polaris now has the power that can freeze anything with a touch of his finger. Not only does he have to deal with this, but he also needs to control his temper or else he can put the whole country into an icicle. Polaris is a very lethal weapon that can destroy mankind, and now the government are in the search to kill him.  

Adena has been alone for as long as she can remember due to her lack of social skills. While her classmates hang out at parties and at the mall; She is working at her father's grocery store stacking shelves with canned food. On a walk home from a day at school she collides with a boy with striking blue eyes and a pale face.

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