The Secret ~A Kylo Ren X Reader Story~

The Secret ~A Kylo Ren X Reader Story~

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"But Not to Me." By MusicalSithPizza10 Updated Jan 16

"It's the secrets that we keep that seem to destroy the world around us," I say, hoping my fear was well hidden.

"Says the girl who kept a secret from me for six years," Ren snarls back.
You were small when you first met Ben Solo, the boy with the Dark hair, your best friend.
You've known him all your life, sharing countless memories together. 

But one day, he says he has to leave to train to be a Jedi with his Uncle Luke. He promises to return, and the night before he leaves is one you would never forget. But you leave the planet of Corellia you've called home only after two months goes by, and that's when the secrets start.

A year passes, and word is spread that Ben has fallen to the Dark Side, killing all of the Jedi Padawons Luke had trained. Devestated, you return to the only home you've ever known for the comforting of General Leia. 

Five years pass when you finally come face to face with Kylo Ren, your secrets trailing behind you like the cape on his back.

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When you just saw the last Jedi movie today and you just get sad because of his story
For some reason I immediately think of Leia's ensemble on Endor...
Me too ;O; 
                              But seriously guys we must face the facts and from the statistical information we gathered so far...
                              I am 90% sure that Matt is Kylo Ren
I think the memes are getting to me cause I full out read that as Ben Swolo ;u;
filliewho filliewho Jan 21
you would not believe your eyes if ten million fireflies tilt up the world as you fell asleep
geesussaveme geesussaveme Dec 27, 2017
Cause the hardest part of this
                              Is leaving you
                              I will not kiss youuuuuu
                              I'll be leaving now