Undertale X Reader

Undertale X Reader

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Alex Lang By NBBA_Girl Updated Jan 22

You've read the title, so you know what this is. I will take suggestions, like who you want to be the next insert and stuff. Maybe some requests, but no guarantees.

With that said, Undertale Characters belong to Toby Fox and his fellows.

The cover was made by Kawaii on Deviantart as a gift for me so that's why I shall use it for my cover.


smolkat_ smolkat_ Nov 04
starline21 starline21 Feb 16
u-um hey can u do u-um  seme male reader x  uke underswap sans PLZ!!!!!!!!!!
Wolfkid9963 Wolfkid9963 Feb 19
The precious cinnamon roll needs some love.
                              (Yes, he is one of my many Undertale Cinnamon rolls.)
                              I don't know why there aren't any US Papyrus x readers but there is one YOU made one thank you
reader x toriel? i'd like some nice fluffy stuff bc fluff is what i live for
He has a lot more stuff to him. Everyone sees him as a soulless freak. If you look at his story you can figure him out little by little.