Bitter Love[Book 4]

Bitter Love[Book 4]

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Someone people says divorce is an easy thing while others aren't. It's been years as Yein and Jungkook got a divorced. They both accidentally met each other again, how will they react.

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1. Serri looks like a god damn vampire wolf jacob twilight looking child (?)
                              2.  HYERI GTFO WIT YO DAUGHTER
                              3. WHAT YOU MEAN DAUGHTER (?)AND WIFE (?)
Damnn Hanuel you GREW!! And Areum is adorable AF. I like Sowon character it suits her. Halla looks adorable as well. Okay okay I read now.
senpai567 senpai567 Aug 07
Her eyes are pure black and her skin is pure White 
                              She looks like a demon or a ghost
jjkxjyi jjkxjyi Nov 13
I'm starting to hate this bitch 1 thanks to Sowon for giving that nickname
I like it how it say he babysit and do house cleaning, but then when you read his personality it say he's lazy...😂😂😂😂