Bitter Love[Book 4]

Bitter Love[Book 4]

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╹﹏╹ By Saeronie Completed

Someone people says divorce is an easy thing while others aren't. It's been years as Yein and Jungkook got a divorced. They both accidentally met each other again, how will they react. This time, Jungkook actually meets his daughter.

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Acupoftaeandsuga Acupoftaeandsuga Aug 31, 2016
1. Serri looks like a god damn vampire wolf jacob twilight looking child (?)
                              2.  HYERI GTFO WIT YO DAUGHTER
                              3. WHAT YOU MEAN DAUGHTER (?)AND WIFE (?)
BobJeffLarry2010 BobJeffLarry2010 Sep 17, 2016
Drunk_Yoongi Drunk_Yoongi Oct 08, 2016
Damnn Hanuel you GREW!! And Areum is adorable AF. I like Sowon character it suits her. Halla looks adorable as well. Okay okay I read now.
amylsj amylsj Nov 13, 2016
I'm starting to hate this bitch 1 thanks to Sowon for giving that nickname
I like it how it say he babysit and do house cleaning, but then when you read his personality it say he's lazy...😂😂😂😂
amylsj amylsj Nov 13, 2016
Bitch, back off!! We, JEONGIN shipper would kick you to hell, officially announced.