From The Other Side Of The Screen/jacksepriceyeXreader {COMPLETED}

From The Other Side Of The Screen/jacksepriceyeXreader {COMPLETED}

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You have always loved watching jacksepticeye you felt like you had a connection with him... Like he understood you... And you understood him... One day unexpectedly at a coffee shop in Ireland you get to meet an Irish lad with fabulous brown/green hair. 

(I'm not a huge fan anymore I still think he's okay but I'll leave this book I suppose)

(Grammar/Spelling errors fixed)

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Top10Discord Top10Discord Jul 26, 2017
Ahh Ireland, the beautiful place where it's usually cold and wet. Well that's what the weather was like today for me. Maybe just less cold and more wet.
XxTheRealMonsterxX XxTheRealMonsterxX Aug 08, 2017
Oh I wish I had that many subs in real life. Subscribe to Unlikely Pikey!
ShadowBOIIIIII ShadowBOIIIIII Jul 28, 2017
wowwww im so obssesed that i have an alarm for when he uploads XDDD
abbeytheunicorn abbeytheunicorn Mar 26, 2016
I love this and I JUST came across it and, I swear I didn't steal your title I promise!! I think it crazy that ours are so similar!! So I don't want you to think its copyright!! 🤗🤗
WolfGamer540 WolfGamer540 Dec 22, 2016
I like the improvisation! and I lived in Texas for the longest time so I hate the cold. But now I live in maine........I miss Texas
IzksColorz IzksColorz Oct 31, 2016
Home Alone. The Movie JSE edition background:SCREW YOU BILLY!!