From The Other Side Of The Screen/jacksepriceyeXreader {COMPLETED}

From The Other Side Of The Screen/jacksepriceyeXreader {COMPLETED}

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You have always loved watching jacksepticeye you felt like you had a connection with him... Like he understood you... And you understood him... One day unexpectedly at a coffee shop in Ireland you get to meet an Irish lad with fabulous brown/green hair. 

(I'm not a huge fan anymore I still think he's okay but I'll leave this book I suppose)

(Grammar/Spelling errors fixed)

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Ahh Ireland, the beautiful place where it's usually cold and wet. Well that's what the weather was like today for me. Maybe just less cold and more wet.
Oh I wish I had that many subs in real life. Subscribe to Unlikely Pikey!
wowwww im so obssesed that i have an alarm for when he uploads XDDD
abbeytheunicorn abbeytheunicorn Mar 26, 2016
I love this and I JUST came across it and, I swear I didn't steal your title I promise!! I think it crazy that ours are so similar!! So I don't want you to think its copyright!! 🤗🤗
WolfGamer540 WolfGamer540 Dec 22, 2016
I like the improvisation! and I lived in Texas for the longest time so I hate the cold. But now I live in maine........I miss Texas
IzksColorz IzksColorz Oct 31, 2016
Home Alone. The Movie JSE edition background:SCREW YOU BILLY!!