Three kings (BWWM) [SAMPLE]

Three kings (BWWM) [SAMPLE]

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Lizabeth Bee Keen By LBKeen Completed

Opportunity from a single phone call...

Cassandra Locke has finally achieved her biggest dream; she's gotten a job with Raulph & Lauren Co. For a Community College graduate, it is a dream come true. However, when she learns that the location for said job is in Nashville, she's thrown for a spin, and forced to quickly find a place to live. 

When she's offered a place to stay by her 3 male bosses in exchange for some extra work as their personal housekeeper, Cassandra wearily accepts. Of course, she is completely unaware of the plot going on behind the scenes to taste her innocents one erotic experience at a time. 

Challenges can be exciting...

If these powerful males believe that Cassandra will be easy game they might find themselves biting off more than they can chew. 
A sensual story, LBKEEN original available on Amazon.

Wait, Is She Supposed To Be Dark Skinned.?? *slowly gets excited*
BookBoss4 BookBoss4 Oct 06
You 5'9 what u mean dwarfed? And finally a book where the female protagonist is 5'5+
reneejada reneejada May 31
What is her grandmother doing up cooking at four in the morning? Or did I read it wrong?
briiiee briiiee Aug 10
Finally a black woman with this type of hair, I'm tired of seeing these "long curly" haired girls
I tried to scare my grandma once by hiding behind the door when she was walking in the house and she almost punched me in the face out of reflex 😂 she only missed cuz I ducked
SoraKuroko SoraKuroko Jun 07
"Welcome to bates motel" was the first thing that popped up in my head.