- Butterfly's Rejection - (BxB)

- Butterfly's Rejection - (BxB)

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| Butterfly Series: 1 |

NOTE (please read):
- The comments section has some spoilers, so please read them at your own risk.
- This story contains the following: abuse, bullying, psychological issues, bad grammar, and etc. Anyone younger than 16 must not read this story. 


Thomas is a young omega werewolf, trying to seek love from his crush, the Alpha's son. 

Mike, who is absolutely a straight guy, despises Thomas. 
Thomas accidentally breaks Mike's father's expensive vase, causing Mike to punish Thomas for what he's done. On the verge of death, Thomas has fallen into a deep sleep, in which he dreams about Mike and him, if they ever had a life together as as a couple.
But what happens when these dreams actually feel like real life? Everything Thomas has experienced, all in one dream, all feel real. 
Well there's a saying, you must finish what you have begun, but in this story, you're just ruining what you're about to finish. And in this book will be so many conflicts and choices, just like real life so prepare yourself for the journey ahead, just like a Butterfly.

The beautiful cover was made by Nikkie_Ash! Thanks for making the cover!

This cutie is my twin, it's official. I don't care, shh, he's my brother now.
elmalian elmalian Jul 13
Same here i hate dora whatsoever like they are so stupid...i never liked them even when i was a child
edge52 edge52 Jul 16, 2016
Maybe you have insomnia...if its severe, tends to affect your concentration/attention, feel light headed, black outs...etc...
andley_kellic_narry andley_kellic_narry Sep 25, 2016
When I was younger anytime we turned on Dora my little cousin would scream and run away as if someone wanted to kill him 😂😂
supernaturalreader21 supernaturalreader21 Aug 14, 2016
Have you had your blood pressure checked? If you have a low blood pressure it can cause dizziness, black spots in vision, fainting, and/or other symptoms. There may also be a difference in blood pressure between standing up and stirring down. Also a low hmb may cause similar symptoms.
VanessaLovesSuga VanessaLovesSuga May 30, 2016
Oh my gosh, he is soo cute and sexy at the Same time 😱 do you know his real Name? 😄