To Save the Future, We Must Rewrite the Past

To Save the Future, We Must Rewrite the Past

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I fell in love with BTS.... By Ayako_Hayashi Updated Oct 22

It soaks the ground, soaking it up like a sponge.

Bodies litter the floor for miles.

 Everything is gone, destroyed, vaporized. 

Naruto and Sasuke are the only survivors. Kurama sends them back to the past, before their genin days, before the Uchiha massacre, before the kyuubi attack, before Obito 'died'. Naruto and Sasuke are sent back three weeks before Minato and his team leave for their last mission as a team.

Will they be able to set things right, or will it all go down in flames?


P.s. This is a SasuNaru

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Well nice to know you care about Naruto and Sasuke’s lives, Kura.
He's not emo anymore 
                              So this is what it took to end that phase
anime5454 anime5454 Sep 04
That what I say after watching anime for days and go outside
jennybaba10 jennybaba10 Nov 07, 2016
This is only chapter two but it feels like i have been reading it for a long time! Damn u really know suck a lot of information into one chapter and still make it so good!
Jesus I love this
                              My imagination loves this
                              JESUS LOVES THIS
- - Jan 09, 2016
This is a great chapter. i bet little Kakashi is hella confused. I can't wait for an update, even tho you already This is super good.