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Rose Blackwell By PaintingTheRosesRed Updated May 19

The harsh winters and freezing blizzards of the tundra are all familiar to Anyu. Living amongst her tribe in the frozen wasteland, she has learned to survive and fend for herself. But when she is lost in a strange blizzard, Anyu finds herself in a world of creatures, spirits, and magic that she has only heard of in legends. Lead by her mysterious guide Kano, Anyu searches for a way back home. But before she can leave, she will have to discover the truth about herself and the land she calls home. What has Anyu's tribe been keeping hidden? What is her connection to this strange new world?

And what are the secrets hidden beneath the ice?

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#44 in Fantasy

Cover by @seventhstar

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MaeveSiverling MaeveSiverling Nov 20, 2017
Very nice first chapter in which you reveal a unique setting; I felt cold just reading it. :P I'm intrigued by the supernatural element you introduce, though I'm left slightly confused by it. Though I'm sure it gets explained more in the story to come. :-)
- - Jun 27, 2017
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MidnightMessage MidnightMessage May 07, 2017
Wow. This is Awesome. Your descriptions are flawless. I was transported into a magical world filled with fascinating characters and monsters! Great job!
A very interesting opening! I think you could extend your sentences more (as someone has said previously) and I would have liked to see a bit more of a struggle, too. Otherwise, I’m really interested and definitely reading on!, let’s see what happens next
sambalazs sambalazs Aug 17, 2016
I love this! One of my stories is set in a kind of Ice Age environment, so it was cool to see this! I'm drawn to anything icy/cold now because of my own story. This is really interesting so far, and I love the idea of the ijiraq.
LadyKnightMeg LadyKnightMeg Mar 02, 2017
What a great opening. Your writing is really good and polished.