Loki Babysits the Avengers?!

Loki Babysits the Avengers?!

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Sequel to 'The Avengers Babysit Loki?!'  to know what is going on in this book you will have to read the first one.
(Book 2)

They have no idea how it happened, but it did.  Loki had gone back to Asgard for one week, and when he gets a urgent call from Tony he comes right back.  When he gets back, Steve, Bruce, Thor, Clint, and Natasha are all five years old!  Tony doesn't know how it happened.  Loki and Tony have to take care of five five year olds and try to find a cure.  They find a cure, but there's a catch, and they don't know how in the world they are going to pull it off.  There is one thing they know for sure........she's back.

Disclaimer:  I do not own Marvel or the Avengers.  I do own my character.

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Ihatemylifesometimes Ihatemylifesometimes Aug 08, 2017
Well, if people are gonna ship, Ironfrost sounds better. BUT I say EEWWWWWWWWWWWW
LavaLikes LavaLikes Nov 06, 2017
                              WE ALL KNOW MARVEL IS GOING TO KILL OUR PRECIOUS BIRDY OFF! JOIN THIS # AND WE SHALL SAVE CLINT!!!( Totally not real but its true D; )
Ineedholywaterrrr Ineedholywaterrrr Dec 04, 2017
I read a fanfic on AO3 where some evil organisation cut off his arms, attached wings to his spine, and dug out his eyes to replace them with hawk's eyes and I was so traumatised by the end of all 9 chapters
karanterus karanterus Jun 07, 2017
I feel sorry dor them nat will not be able to speek english XD
lranderso lranderso Jan 02
OMG the whole cooking conversation in the first one though!! LAMO.
StarrySilverSkies StarrySilverSkies Sep 25, 2017
*cocks gun* *stands several feet away from Tony* *whispers* Run