Plus One

Plus One

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allwaysmaichard By allwaysmaichard Updated Aug 21, 2016

Changed the title, since obviously, there will be some that are not 5. 

Here I am again, starting something I have no idea if I can see through, LOL

Way back when, LJ had prompts of 5 + 1 --- 5 somethings + 1 that was the total opposite. Like, 5 Things That RJ Does that Maine Can Never Live With + the 1 She Cannot Live Without.  

So this is what this book is for, a compilation of those prompts. 

If you think of something, leave a line in the comments section. 


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panotsha16 panotsha16 Apr 08, 2016
Why do I feel like this is true and thag it really happened? Knowing RJ and how Maine's parents are towards him. I love rhis whole chapter so much
AYAwkoseo AYAwkoseo Jan 10, 2016
Grabe siya! Ang ganda ganda I could cry 😢 Rj Rj Rj pahingi ng dna...I papa clone ko Lang saglit.
darkwitch27 darkwitch27 Jan 09, 2016
Grabe! Sobrang ganda. Gawa ka pa..
                              Pero grabe di ako naorient sa mga kaganapan..
                              At isa pa, medyo nakakatakot ang ganitong lalaki wah..
                              Salamat.. more!!!!!!!!!
autumnleaf04 autumnleaf04 Jan 09, 2016
Obviously hindi ako naorient kaya split second panic attack when I recwived the email notif.
                              Read na lang my previous reactions. Surprise pa more! Salamat naman at hindi angst. Bow.
autumnleaf04 autumnleaf04 Jan 09, 2016
Lagot ka boy. Hindi pwedeng icross ang imaginary wall na yan. Hay naku
autumnleaf04 autumnleaf04 Jan 09, 2016
Pssst! Gusto ko tuloy ng fried veggie lumpia sa Buddy's. But my bed is too comfy and I'm already dressed for sleep