Two Sides of the Same Coin | Allenski

Two Sides of the Same Coin | Allenski

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tasha ^-^ By _rhapsodicc Updated Jan 07, 2017

Barry Allen and Stiles Stilinski were best friends ever since they were young. Stiles moved away to Beacon Hills to live there for the majority of his teenage years. After a demonic Japanese spirit possessed Stiles, his father decided to get him out of the supernatural city. Little did he know, he was always going to be surrounded by the supernatural. 

After the Particle Accelerator explosion, Barry was given his speed, but Stiles was given something too. Although the darkness left inside his soul from the Nogitsune twists his powers. Can he overcome this evil inside him with the help of Barry? 

While you're reading, I suggest listening to this playlist I made for the book!

-- cover by heyitsarey --

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