Like Night [Kylo Ren x Reader Lemon]

Like Night [Kylo Ren x Reader Lemon]

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I have an obsession with Kylo Ren.
My friend made me do this. I'm so sorry please forgive me for these sins.
This is smut btw ; n ;

You, were just a regular scavenger, until you find out that your mother was close friends with many in the Resistance. Seeing as it's your destiny to become a Jedi, you get tested on your ability of using the Force and get sent on a dangerous journey with your close friend, Rey. But the two of you get separated and she swears to come back for you.

Now lost in the First Order, you're found and captured, having to fight your way to Kylo Ren. But will you manage to kill him, or be forced to obey his every rule?

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I don't like my real mom or my stepmom so I'm calling her jane
She was my idol and inspired me to be an actress thanks for putting a note about her
Himosho Himosho Dec 28, 2016
So sad she had to pass. Wasn't she in her sixties? Kinda young in my opinion to go.
Msjrwh12 Msjrwh12 Nov 28, 2016
Umm... What about all those fosils and vauable ore? You just left them.