Heartbroken, Alone, Useless And Unnoticed - AkaKuro Story

Heartbroken, Alone, Useless And Unnoticed - AkaKuro Story

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“I never quite realized how beautiful this world can be.” By Seishina_Akashi Updated May 08, 2017

"What? 'I Love you'? *chuckles* As if I really meant it Tetsuya." 

"You are useless. We don't need you. Go away from our sight!"

Heartbroken, alone, useless and unnoticed - these were words that could describe Kuroko Tetsuya's current mood. 

Words he doesn't want to hear anymore. 

Words that will hurt him just more.

But what if they finally realize what they have done to the Phantom Sixth Man? 
Will he forgive them?
Will he be the same?
Or... Is there secretly another personality within Kuroko?

Find out by reading this story.
An AkaKuro fanfiction with very slow updates.
This might be like an Book were Kuroko wants to get revenge...but with an little twist.

Cover © Teiko_Kuroko
Kuroko no Basket © Tadatoshi Fujimaki

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Rebekka00555 Rebekka00555 Nov 20, 2017
Yeah its all good and all, but that title "3~" thing looks like a butt farting...
iluvmochi iluvmochi Mar 26, 2016
This is Shounen-ai, I believe? And now, he tries to chase him, stop playing with Tetsuya's feelings!
BlueFlower226 BlueFlower226 Jun 03, 2016
So far I like the plot of the story but to me Kuroko was a little out of character here. The chapter is a little short so you could try to prolong it but so far I like the story so keep it up.