Stronger Than You Thought(a Fairy Tail Fan Fic)

Stronger Than You Thought(a Fairy Tail Fan Fic)

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Blueberry By Bluberry-Chan Updated Sep 11, 2016

We're all human...we bleed...we cry....we feel pain...and we love.

But when our tears are mistaken for that of weakness...our compassion taken as a sign of childness...our pain said to be kept hidden...and our blood shead to be in change. You shut your self off, keeping your true feelings locked inside.

This is what happened to two girls whos life changed for better or for worse.

They go through emotional turmoil, gain new powers, and are taught that your tears are a sign of strength and your love proof of youre maturity. your pain ment to be shared and your blood shead to be meaningful. 

But, what happens when the one that broke you down comes back and askes for forgiveness...and the one that built you back up again is asking for you to be theirs...

who would you choose...? What would you do...?

*I don't own fairy tail or the characters just the plot*

Hope you injoy this book it's my second one! See you in the chapters  my blueberrys (there's a bit of spelling errors Herr and there...OK everywhere but please bare with it cause it gets better as you go on so does the plot and my writing skills!)


  • betrayal
  • fairytail
  • gray
  • juvia
  • lucy
  • natsu
  • revenge
  • rouge
  • sabortooth
  • sticy
  • sting
StacyHaruno StacyHaruno Oct 04
JUVIA IS AMAZING!!HOW COULD YOU GRAY!!!*Starts to attack him*
Well Natsu if that is how you feel then when would you like your funeral?
it dosen't help that stay nightcore started playing while lucy and juvia said they wanted to leave
Let's have some girl pride!
                              FEMALES UNITE
                              -quote blixemi warriors rap battles Cinderpelt vs. Spottedleaf
Natsu.... I have Nico di Angelo on speed dial
Karamanami Karamanami Oct 20
They’ll retreat doing this. Next thing you know Juvia and Lucy will find someone who will love them , and of course Natsu and Gray will be jealous and want them back but that ain’t happening.