{Secrets} Laurence x Reader

{Secrets} Laurence x Reader

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You have a secret. A very important secret. Why is it a secret? 'cause if it falls out of line? Well the pieces fall into the puzzle and death and destruction come with it (as usual). Then you fall in love with Laurence, but your love can never be... (WHY!?!?!?)

 Hi peoples! This story takes place AFTER the 15 year time jump so the chapters will be relevant to Aphmau's Minecraft diaries. Also this is my FIRST story so please don't hate me if something is wrong.

(I might re-edit it so it's not to bad, cause in the ending I kinda crush all your dreams since I lost interest for a while)

When I played the song I burst into tears.....I am a Mcd girl not a Mystreet girl..... IT BRINGS SOO MANY MEMORIES!!!😭😭
SkyWolf2 SkyWolf2 Sep 18
                              Back or White
                              Shotgun, duel postals, or throwing knifes
                              Swords, dagger, scythe, or knife
THANK YOU AUTHOR~SAMA! When ever they let us choose a weapon in the story, I always go with a bow but sometimes in the story, the a author might think that Reader~Chan picked something like a sword so the text might not go with my weapon of choice. This makes the story 10x better!
                              I got up,
                              Fixed my black cloak,
                              My hair,
                              And set off to......
                              IRENE KNOWS WHERE!!!
zarapawz zarapawz Sep 30
                              Brown with a hint of Hazel
                              Spear or Bow
                              Sword or Dagger
                              Cross Bow
                              Katana's (Like Dante's But Purple And Black)