Misunderstood                                  Furry (BoyxBoy)

Misunderstood Furry (BoyxBoy)

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Shay Morgan By XxShay_MorganxX Updated Sep 21, 2017

A 16 teenage otter fox mix named Dominic (Dom) Chase Morgan,has known he's gay for a while and cant tell anyone. He's about to give up, run away, die, something. But his freinds see his concern and want to help. Will they save him in time?
- Sexual activity
- Adult situation
- Violence
- BoyxBoy
Disclaimer I do not own cover page.

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acbryant acbryant Sep 16, 2017
Raise you hand if your saying these character bios' like your on CSI:Miami
virus-never-leaves virus-never-leaves Apr 01, 2017
                              Species:German Shepard
                              Apperance:scar around his muzzle and a scar across an eye because he was tortured in a war
FazingBlaze2 FazingBlaze2 Oct 18, 2017
Name: Blake Winston
                              Species: Fox
                              Sexuality: Gay
                              Appearance: Is a minty colored fox, with a gray snout. Left ear tip is purple, right ear tip is red. Dark blue hair, long black leather jacket, black jeans, white converse, usually wears a hat related to CoD
                              Mood: Very cheerful, friendly
Furry_Trash Furry_Trash Dec 22, 2017
                              Cat with black angel wings
                              Questioning(leaning towards gay)
                              Blackish purple, with gold circles. Silver eyes and amethyst purple comb over
                              Acts happy and tries to cheer people up. 
                              Depressed and has Anxiety
George-Richard George-Richard May 12, 2017
                              Species: grizzly bear
                              Sexuality: bisexual
                              Appearance:stereotypical grizzly bear
potatoman5050 potatoman5050 Jul 31, 2017
Ronold fondo 
                              Black with a neon teal stomach an always has cuts