Misunderstood                                  Furry (BoyxBoy)

Misunderstood Furry (BoyxBoy)

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Shay Morgan By XxShay_MorganxX Updated Nov 28

A 16 teenage otter fox mix named Dominic (Dom) Chase Morgan,has known he was bi for a while and cant tell anyone. He's about to give up, run away, die, something. But his freinds see his concern and want to help. Will they save him in time?
- Sexual activity
- Adult situation
- Violence
- BoyxBoy
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gixxerfox gixxerfox Nov 10
Gixxer. Fox Gender..Male, gay, was abused as a little kit, mostly just shy until he gets to know you, then he's a nice, funny/clumsy guy
natemur22 natemur22 Sep 09
Honestly it seems kinda rushed. I'm not trying to be a dick, just giving some constructive criticism.
Inu567 Inu567 Nov 27
Aaron,dalmation, gay,blue instead of black and is 4'3, happy to meet new furs
                              Personality:Kind, Outgoing
                              Strengths:his shout he could make another animal deaf.
                              Weaknesses:his size
                              Other:he wears a yellow long sleeved shirt with a purple vest and black pants.
gixxerfox gixxerfox Nov 10
Oh and has blue and white fur with a white lines around his arms
Joe_181 Joe_181 Jul 29
Name: Michael 
                              Species:  wolf 
                              Age: 14
                              Gender: male
                              Sexuality: Gay
                              Personality: kind, scared of most people,  very loud things, large people and has a high pitched voice.
                              Height: 5,5
                              Colors: mostly black with a white stomach and bright green lines around his eyes (dyed)