Misunderstood                                  Furry (BoyxBoy)

Misunderstood Furry (BoyxBoy)

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Shay Morgan By XxShay_MorganxX Updated 2 days ago

A 16 teenage otter fox mix named Dominic (Dom) Chase Morgan,has known he's gay for a while and cant tell anyone. He's about to give up, run away, die, something. But his freinds see his concern and want to help. Will they save him in time?
- Sexual activity
- Adult situation
- Violence
- BoyxBoy
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acbryant acbryant Sep 16
Raise you hand if your saying these character bios' like your on CSI:Miami
                              Species:German Shepard
                              Apperance:scar around his muzzle and a scar across an eye because he was tortured in a war
                              Species: grizzly bear
                              Sexuality: bisexual
                              Appearance:stereotypical grizzly bear
Ronold fondo 
                              Black with a neon teal stomach an always has cuts
Name: MacKenzie 
                              Species: Racoon
                              Sexuality: Straight 
                              Appearance: Brindle, so sun blonde with light grey speck and a black back. She also has long very light blonde hair.
JayWolf5050 JayWolf5050 Jul 09
                              Appearance:navy blue and dark red fur sky blue eyes lots of scars and big scar on his right eye
                              Anything else:protective to boyfriend shy tall very very muscling great in bed ;)