Melting His Jet Black Heart [cake au] - completed

Melting His Jet Black Heart [cake au] - completed

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Kimmy By close_as_strangers_7 Completed

After his wealthy parents were brutally assassinated in front of him, Calum Hood was plunged into darkness. What had been the perfect life soon became a broken home, with only his sister left to keep him safe from trouble. When he is finally kicked out of his posh school for malicious behaviour, he joins a neighbouring school and meets who will soon become his saviour: Luke Hemmings.

*warning* GRAPHIC

~1000 words/chapter

Completed :)

Kimberly de Lacy © 2015

two chapters, already in love with this...
                              but luke, what's that? i thought you wanted to figure him out?! stop with that attitude! it's not gonna work like that!