Once (Thorki Fanfiction)

Once (Thorki Fanfiction)

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Gaia Skotadi By GaiaShallRule Completed

"If only you knew 'Brother'. If only you knew the pain I have felt. The ways I have suffered... It was for you... Not Odin, not Frigga, but YOU. I have been tortured, betrayed, and lied to my entire life... I only wanted you to know the pain I went through. I only wanted you to notice me. I never meant to start that war and hurt anyone... But I did. So, I was punished... After my supposed death so long ago, I left Asgard, Jotunheim, and every other place I knew you could find me. I lived here in Maine, because no one here knew of what I did. I got a normal life. Only when I started my new life, did I realise I was cursed with a child... Twins for that matter. Given to me when I was being controlled by the Chitauri. My life has been good ever since you lost track of me. And I want it to stay that way." 


Collaboration between GaiaShallRule and Chaotic_Angels!

Disclaimer: We only own the plot and new characters!

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Oh let's not forget the depression. Ok I'm done. I need to stop complaining about life on Wattpad.
Ok. Give me a minute i am trying to register this story. Loki has twins daughters through the magic and thor is the father.
Musicnartrocks1233 Musicnartrocks1233 Nov 11, 2017
I love this already!! It’s even better that my moms name is Erika(spelled the exacted same way) and my names Kiera( so Kari sounds a little similar to me). But!! Even better both my mom and I are from Maine!! It’s almost like we’re the daughters of Loki!!! ❤️
I knew someone with that name once. He's called different now though.
julixxta julixxta Oct 20, 2016
Fly by _Sonderingly_ is acc pretty good gen fic... The first arc is alright but the second and third arcs are soo good
RebeccaMiller385 RebeccaMiller385 Jan 11, 2017
Uuuum that took a rapid crack-fic-y turn... Hope it doesn't get too much crazier...