The Maid in Lace (GrayLu)

The Maid in Lace (GrayLu)

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enne By HerEleutheromania_ Updated Jun 02, 2017

Lucy Heartfilia graduated from college with an exemplary degree and during the after-party, she was at the bar, drinking but can't remember much of what happened after she was hoisted away from the crowd and into a dark room with a man she never knew. Though skeptical, she found herself working at a maid-offering company in attempt to break the unfortunate ties, her father managed to leave behind. 

Though extremely overqualified, she found herself giving a resume in a very much unenthusiastic way to get a job - that is, until she found out about the company's big secret and unwillingly gave into their whims. 

Assigned to Gray Fullbuster - she found things she never meant to know, found out what's it truly like to be a maid doing a noble job and some dirty little secrets. 


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SavageLevy SavageLevy Aug 15, 2017
Run away pls it would be best 
                              Luna:shut up
                              Levy: don't worry lu-chan it's all fake
                              Lucy:I know...
SavageLevy SavageLevy Aug 15, 2017
I'm sorry to ruin the moment but I THOUGHT SHE SAID I R*PED AT HIM AND IM LIKE DA FUQ!! this is what happens when u have a messed up mind :/
- - May 25, 2017
Reading this book for the second time now, it's soooooooooo good!
SavageLevy SavageLevy Aug 15, 2017
I'm pretty sure it was called Strawberry Street just because Lucy likes Strawberry milkshakes xD(even if she doesn't, she does now)
SavageLevy SavageLevy Aug 15, 2017
I thought she said "I sobbed and gently dabbed WITH a handkerchief" for a moment omg xD
LOVE2DEATH1702 LOVE2DEATH1702 Aug 25, 2017
Road House w/ Patrick Swazye, wasn't he a bouncer? I can't remember but that movie was AMAZING