The White Miraculous User (Adrien Agreste/Cat Noir X Reader)

The White Miraculous User (Adrien Agreste/Cat Noir X Reader)

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xSaeyoungXChoix By Fallen_Fire_Neko Updated Aug 15

In Paris, there are two junior high high  school Miraculous users. Adrien Agreste and Marinette Dupain-Cheng. But what if there was a white Miraculous user that came along? A user that lives alone. A user that's a girl. Well apparently it's you, (Y/N) (L/N). And her Kwami is Shiro. When she under goes transformation she becomes her persona, Cat Blanc. After moving to Paris from the U.S then transferring to Adrien and Marinette's school, what is expected to come? Well, she gets caught in Cat Noir's clutches. 

Key/Legend (More may come in the future):

•(Y/N) ➡️ Your/First Name

•(L/N) ➡️ Last Name

•(F/C) ➡️ Favorite Color 

•(F/F) ➡️  Favorite Food

•(Y/P) ➡️ Your Province*

•(Y/CY) ➡️ Your City*

•(Y/S) ➡️ Your State*

•(Y/C) ➡️ Your Country* 

•(F/N) or (Friend's name) ➡️ Friend's Name

*If it only applies to you

pump675 pump675 Jun 07
Im just gonna make my hair JUST black bc thats the way it is
Hmm who could that be,I think we need Sherlock Holmes to solve this case because "who is she".
KweenLew KweenLew Jun 15
H-hold on...
                              An illness that spread throughout certain areas? Or genetically?
Have u been stalking my hair.............*grabs hair quickly and runs*
It should be Cat Blanche because blanc is masculine and Blanche in feminine
.........pretty easy to tell who that is don't ya think, Marinette? the coloured eyes?