Osomatsu-san! xReader - Valentine's Day [One-Shots]

Osomatsu-san! xReader - Valentine's Day [One-Shots]

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ʚ♡ɞ By ChidoriKitty Completed

Valentine's Day is here..and well not everyone has a date I'm sure. Have no fear the troublesome sextuplets are here! 
(Please forgive my painful puns ;;) 

Anime: Osomatsu-san 
Rating: slight nsfw

1. Devil - Osomatsu 
2. Incubus - Karamatsu 
3. Goddess - Choromatsu 
4. Envy - Ichimatsu 
5. Cherub - Jyushimatsu 
6. Greed - Todomatsu

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Shet boi call the pachinko police i'VE BEEN CAUGHT. GOTTA GO FAST YALL
Do u have a sausage or no
                              Then we can know if u have a gender
How the reader is reacting, is not how i would've reacted, ex:I would be like a kuundere, but laugh at how he gets mad for being like that
suwakero suwakero Feb 19
i havent done anything wrong except for searching ososan porn on tumblr wtf
Sin? Have I ever sinned? Lets count all my sins!
                              1. Masturbation
                              2. Porn, Henati, and Yaoi
                              3. I was going to say Athiest