Osomatsu-san! xReader - Valentine's Day [One-Shots]

Osomatsu-san! xReader - Valentine's Day [One-Shots]

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ʚ♡ɞ By ChidoriKitty Completed

Valentine's Day is here..and well not everyone has a date I'm sure. Have no fear the troublesome sextuplets are here! 
(Please forgive my painful puns ;;) 

Anime: Osomatsu-san 
Rating: slight nsfw

1. Devil - Osomatsu 
2. Incubus - Karamatsu 
3. Goddess - Choromatsu 
4. Envy - Ichimatsu 
5. Cherub - Jyushimatsu 
6. Greed - Todomatsu

Reading doujinshis under the sheets and fangirling to hard about it
dont u dare look into my deleted history or else i will strangle u
SmuttyMatsu SmuttyMatsu Sep 15
                              *wrote a osomatsu x reader lemon
                              Wrote a osomatsu-san various x reader lemons
                              Ships incest
                              Draws loads of smut in art book* 
                              Me: oh ye...dat
JayJaySaber JayJaySaber Aug 06
I read "Eh? Don't look surprised like that. I outta be at the top of the list for the things you've done.~"
                              And I was going to comment how smooth that was, but after glancing at a few comments I got a lil confused and reread it clearly. Dang.
*innocent look* I....  Dont know what ure talking about devil..
Thika08 Thika08 Jun 25
                              I really like Devil!Osomatsu *v* 
                              It is obviusly my type(?) and your writing was absolutely well done too!!