A Soul For Trouble

A Soul For Trouble

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Crista McHugh By cristamchugh Completed

When you're a witch named Trouble, chaos follows.

Arden Lesstymine (known to everyone as Trouble) likes attention as much as the next girl, but this is getting ridiculous. When an insane stranger is murdered at the inn where she works, Trouble becomes the next Soulbearer for the disembodied god of chaos, Loku. Yes, it comes with the ability to channel the god's limitless power, but at the cost of her sanity - literally. Now she has a sexy but cynical knight claiming to be her protector, a prince trying to seduce her to his cause (and his bed), and a snarky chaos god who offers a play-by-play commentary on it all, whether she wants to hear it or not. To make matters worse, a necromancer wants to capture the soul of Loku for his own dark purposes, and the only way he can get it is by killing her first.

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The whole 'Loku' as a name thing deeply amuses me because it means 'big' in my native tongue. Older brothers are sometimes called 'Loku'. Makes for a fun read😂
rebellious_streak rebellious_streak Jul 23, 2016
I read this book through PDF. This is so cool! I CAN'T BELIEVE IT WAS ON WATTPAD.
fabihaydar fabihaydar Jul 16, 2016
Did you kind of base this book off of the red pyramid series? Chaos god...hosting that leads to insanity...
kiddybinz kiddybinz Aug 06, 2016
Wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow.
                              Much better grammar than the other stories I've read on watt pad.  I really like it
ProudCoffeeAddict ProudCoffeeAddict Jul 30, 2016
So u haven't read this yet, but I just wanted to comment what a GREAT explanation u had for this book. Absolutely amazingggggg. But anyways, Im sure the real book will be just as amazing 😁
BritnyStewart BritnyStewart Jul 12, 2016
Ok, so now leave a few more gold coins for Hal there and you have then basically given her everything she mentioned to you and in her head to herself, buy it, burn it down and get me out of here, done?, done, and about to be done lol