Luminous (I)

Luminous (I)

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That Girl By HeyOreos88 Completed

'Whatever it was, I would face it. Whatever it was, I would win. Something bigger than me had made me a Luna, a figure capable of leadership, of true power. Something had made me his mate, and that didn't count for nothing. It couldn't.'

Seventeen-year old Thea Matthews knows nothing beyond the borders of her ordinary, small-town life. With a supportive family and a wonderful best friend, her world is a technicolor dream of hope and happiness.

And then disaster strikes, and everything collapses before her very eyes.

Forced to pursue a new life in America with her erratic Uncle, Thea notices the impossible--she is suddenly, inexplicably, marked. She has the Sight--a gift that allows her to see into the inner-workings of a world sheathed in shadows, where clawed beasts roam and nightmares run free. 

With an aggravatingly handsome werewolf on her tail, and the emergence of a darker threat looming over her, can Thea learn to navigate a world of secrets and betrayal?


~'I would love for this to be a movie!'
~'This is brilliantly written.'
~'I hope you, the author, know that I completely love this book.'
~'This is so bloody well written! I need a paperback copy!'
~'Damn girl, you can write! I'm obsessed!!' 

WARNING: Read at your own discretion. Fangirling, possible crying episodes and death â la cringe attacks almost certain.


Beautiful cover by @chemistric

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DamienMatthews DamienMatthews Nov 25, 2017
As a male reader, reading about girls getting dressed in their rooms, I feel slightly like I'm unwelcome 😂😂
stancastiel stancastiel Sep 17, 2017
A Masochist is someone enjoys having pain inflicted on them.
DamienMatthews DamienMatthews Nov 25, 2017
Not once have I ever seen someone so intensely focusing on a Mario game that they wish actual death upon Bowser 😂😂
DamienMatthews DamienMatthews Nov 25, 2017
My prediction is that I don't think they're really dead and it's all some kind of hallucination or dream or something along those lines
DamienMatthews DamienMatthews Nov 25, 2017
Oh... Well never mind, sorry for judging you handsome strange man! 😂
DamienMatthews DamienMatthews Nov 25, 2017
When there's actual sun we all just run outside and fight over it. #BritainFacts