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"You are mine, Thea. Mine." he growled, slamming me into the wall.

"Whoa. I've never been owned before. Except perhaps by my mother, who decided to fuck my dad, and thus brought me into this shit situation. Maybe I should've sued her. More money to buy food, eh?"

He looked at me with wild bewilderment. Upon deciding I was a psychopath, his grip eased. With a speculative raise of my brow I kneed him in the balls and ran as far as my short, stubby legs could take me.'


Thea Matthews is marked.

The inked illustration that runs the length of her spine is somewhat of a mystery to the teenage girl; all she knows is that touching it results in extreme, unprecedented pain. 

When a sudden accident has her leaving the quaint streets of London to pursue a new life in America, her world is turned upside down. Obscene threats stalk the Californian sidewalks, cloaked by shadows. She is the only human with the sight- a gift that grants her the ability to see into a world that's hidden inside our own.

But when an aggravatingly handsome man steps out of the darkness, Thea is forced to question all she knows. Will this man be her saviour, or the catalyst to her undoing?

WARNING: Read at your own discretion. Fangirling, possible crying episodes and death â la cringe attacks almost certain.


Toria2015 Toria2015 Jan 09
Idek I love Batman and Joker,  but I also love Superman and Spiderman. .
midnightskies- midnightskies- Aug 23, 2016
OH MY GOD I've turned into one of those readers. I have just pointed out my opinion of a flaw. Forgive me lol
midnightskies- midnightskies- Aug 23, 2016
It's rly Good. Although the way her friend told her that her family had died seemed very unrealistic. But altogether it's amazing and I will definitely continue reading.
What way to start a chapter I like it 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😎 your the first I like it