The Solivagant | #Wattys2016

The Solivagant | #Wattys2016

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The Solivagant ; Wandering alone.

Elysian Sinclair; the beautiful island gyal, whom life turned for the worst, once she discovers her crack addict parents were murdered in front of her face. After witnessing such tragedy, Elysian finds herself in the Untied States of America, where she didn't quite understand the American society. People were judged, based on their looks, size, height, any thing you name it. Forced to stay with her grumpy grandparents, where one starts to become abusive, she finds herself not 'fitting' in with the crowd. But once she interrupts a important drug deal, her life suddenly changes when she meets the king of coke boys, Kane 'Keys' Cartel, sometimes called The Devil. 

Lies, deceit, friendships, chaos, fun, laughter, agony, maybe love. 


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KyrahKyrah KyrahKyrah Nov 05
Mixed babies ain't even all that 😴 Wow "good hair" Tf black people can have some bomb hair. Cause I know I do. And I'm Indian and black sooo ✌🏾️
dvddyk dvddyk Nov 05
This could not be me. I'd rather stick up for myself and get my ass beat over letting somebody pick on me.
😍😍😍😍😍😍😍 you have 3/7 of my fathers in this book. you are the GOAT.
Hell nah gramp bout to be on this life alert. She better push his old assss
dvddyk dvddyk Nov 05
I knew this part was coming because of the physical abuse, but it's still sad.
DaddyDia_ DaddyDia_ Nov 22
The fact this nigga said 365 days and then all year, like they not the same thing