demon of the leaf ~naruto fanfiction~

demon of the leaf ~naruto fanfiction~

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Bucky___Barnes By Bucky___Barnes Updated Jul 06, 2016

Naruto Namikaze Uzumaki is a child of the leaf. His parents Kushina and Minato shun him along with the rest of the village because the kyuubi is sealed inside of him. Naruto doesn't know a mother's love or father's hug, even tough they're both living and breathing. 

The kyuubi is the only person, well entity, that soothes him after each beating he gets from from the villagers and sometimes his parents.  this is the story of Naruto's abused life and how he lived it.

Hi! new story! this idea isn't mine though, it's @jack_the_fic's idea. he has really cool ideas for naruto fanfictions and helps writers improve their fanfictions, he's just really cool in my opinion so maybe go check him out? Also I do not own Naruto or Naruto shipudden or their characters! please read, maybe? and I do not own the cover, I just edited it :)

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