His ways & His rules ✔️

His ways & His rules ✔️

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"Lets make a bet" He said coming around the corner, and entering my room like its his own.
"Um, hello Privacy!?" looking up from the book I have been glued on since the start of the week.
"Oh come on, its not like you were naked or anything, and if you wanted privacy you would of closed your door, doll face" 
"What ever, what did you say?" I said sitting up and leaning against the bed head.
"Lets make a bet" He repeats his self, leaning against the door frame
"What kind of bet?" 
"A bet!" 
"Mhmm, but what's in it for me?" 
"If you win, I will do whatever you want me to do. Except sexual things, I'm not doing anything like that" Slowly grinning, he makes his way over to my bed. 
"Ew as if I would ask you anyway!" 
"Good, but if I win, you have to do anything that I want!" 
"Hmm, I don't know!" I say, looking at Axel trying to read him. 
"Come on, remember if you win, I have to do anything!" He said, looking at me grinning wildly.
"..Fine.. What do we have to do?" 


Arianna Bennett, is Westbank's No body and she likes it that way. No one knows her, or knows any of her business, Unlike Axel Hudson, Westbank's player, bad boy, and captain of the basketball team. 
Until one day Arianna's mother has to go on a business trip and she is stuck staying at the Hudson's household for 4 weeks. Things start to heat up, when Axel and Arianna make a bet, all because Axel's girlfriend cheats on him.

Will they develop feelings? Or will they hate each other? With Romance, plus a lot of drama. Arianna's world turns up side down, and what will she do, to make her life go back to normal or can it go back to normal?

©2016 CrazyJustAmy
BTW, The beginning of the book is going to be crap but it will become better and longer ;)

Coolpeppers Coolpeppers Apr 06
Don't be, just a boy, a nerd probably or a bad boy telling by the music but still no big deal. 😉*wink wink*
Neriza96761 Neriza96761 Oct 13
I like the trailer you made... I wish it was a movie so I could watch it all day.👍✌️️😍
dayummm that was just the guest room... i wonder how big is the master room