The First Shinigami

The First Shinigami

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Jesus Is My Hero By DefendTheUndefended Updated Sep 18

There was always something I never told anyone. Always a secret I kept hidden.

I didn't find out till I had unlocked Zangetsu.

I knew about Shinigami, about hollows, and about the Quincy. I knew about Zanpokutos, about Vizards, and about Espada.

I knew about all of it even before everyone else knew.

I unlocked memories.

Memories of the past. Memories of MY past.

I was something more powerful than all of the species combined, and yet I still continued pretending to be one of them.

I helped them, I protected them, and yet I destroyed so many of them.

I liked being human. I liked being apart of them. I liked being their friends. I liked being depended upon.

But, when the Spirit King is killed by Yawch and he takes the throne for that short amount of time, the three realms, plus two secret ones, are defiled and thrown into chaos when he is dead and gone. I had to take it. I had to fix what was damaged. I had to repair lives and order.

I had to become the king of the seven realms.

Wow, this idea is astonishing. I like how you pieced the first chapter of this book. Hopefully really soon you can update again and I'll be able to read more of it ^-^
So beautiful.... perfect idea.....perfect choice of words...💪update soon
This sounds like its going to be a amazing story! I do hope you update soon! ^-^
WOOOW that's probably the best Wattpad story I've seen so far, I love it!! Little name errors, *Zanpakuto...*Hueco Mundo...*Yamamoto, but all in all this story is GREAT!!!
_Ariven_ _Ariven_ May 12
It's a really good idea and amazing 1st chapter to boot. There were a few grammatical errors, but nothing that can't be overlooked but a few. I really hope you continue and I will give you full support.
Why are you NOT updating??waiting for us to die over emotions??one chapter and I cryed....... 
                              Even after reading g it about...10000000000000000000001 times!!